Voices in the foot in the cross

Here is a series of monologues which can be used on their own or as part of a longer mediation within the cross plus the response of several character types involved in the Good Friday story.

Please make sure copyright data is retained with the scripts.

Monologues 1 - five

adapted exactly where stated by " Sounds from the crowd O Week Deep breathing 3” from " Stages on the way" (Wild Goose Publications 1998) © WGRG, Iona Community, G2 3DH

1 . Christ is condemned to death Mt 28. 1-2, 11-26

Monologue: Barabbas

adapted coming from Stages along the way WWRG Iona Community pg 148f

And I'm Barabbas

and Now i'm a free gentleman,

looking at my personal cross,

only I'm certainly not on it

I'm just position here - alive

and he is right now there dying

We shouldn't hold off here for very long

Everyone knows me

and is aware what We have done

To some I'm a hero - a man of action

To others - I'm a man to be feared

my name is terror to the Romans

They trapped me and caught me

It absolutely was inevitable

I knew it would happen one day

and so I wasn't worried

They can eliminate me, but there's certainly one of me

and I've killed lots of these people

So it's been worth it

The trial was a foregone conclusion

And so there I was

sitting in death row

waiting for the inevitable

while i heard this chanting

" Barabbas … Barabbas …”

all these people shouting my name


more problems?

I was about my neck in trouble

I was at the end of the line, in Death Row,

I was gonna be nailed to a mix


chuckled at

of course, if I had not died by simply sunset

they might probably break my lower limbs,

just to be quick me along

not even Pilate is silly enough

to leave us up there within the Sabbath

So with that at heart

I had not been really irritated what more they did in my opinion

they can't whatever it takes worse than crucifixion

Having that hanging more than you clears your mind,

why be terrified of everything else?

Next thing that happened

there was clearly a key completed the lock

and they unchained me

took me outside

… and just let me go

I stood generally there blinking inside the sunlight

designed for very long

I actually didn't know very well what had happened

but I really could see my chance

and I was not going to hang around long enough

to allow them to decide they'd made a blunder

I leaped and happened to run

If I have got the story straight

Pilate gave them the choice

relieve Jesus or release me, Barabbas

and they chose …me

And for the first time since I actually don't know the moment

I feel

… unsure

simply no I'll be genuine

… I believe scared

Till today Trying to find certain

The fight have been everything

There has been nothing essential than each of our fight to cleanse the land of such filthy Aventure And I was certain

It had been all clear in my mind

I would fight them

of course, if I was trapped I would die

and it could be worth it

the fight was everything

and I was proud to die for the reason.

I by no means felt even more certain

But now

something's changed

I feel like I'm element of something greater than our fight

sure, even bigger than our battle

It's just like I'm swept up in some other story

and I don't actually know which side Now i'm on

I actually never asked to join in

although I'm feel as if I'm engaged

and I abhor it

I don't understand

Christ, what's taking place?

What is going on?

What makes you about to die on my cross?

it doesn't make any feeling

You're the dreamer -- you're the great guy

almost all talk about the Kingdom

but to what end?

‘cos you were never going to sign up for our fight

all dreams, all discuss - zero action

however they say that looking at Pilate

you said nothing

and most likely now dying

and I won't be able to understand why?

Why does this seem like a nightmare?

What trigger are you declining for?

will you be dying personally?

in my place?

That makes not any sense in any way

I'm the fearless person of action,

- combat to the death

but now I am just doing practically nothing

just ranking here

and you're up there

on my cross

and i also feel afraid

2 . Jesus is flogged Mt 27. 26b

Although Pilate experienced Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.

Monologue: Peter

Would you become here

if you were me?

I'm Peter - that's the...


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