Andrew Haigh

Mrs. Zameni

Visual Vocabulary and Tradition HU130

03 17, 2013

Visual Vocabulary in Video Games

Visual dialect is a very interesting subject to research. Before My spouse and i took my personal visual dialect class I seriously didn't spend any focus really how or what folks are trying to get across in there art. That i knew that when an artist produces art of any kind almost always there is a reason to it, I just never really took the time to figure it out. Given that I are at the end of my aesthetic language school I cannot look at art and not try to analyze this. I believe this is essential to video games and not just the most obvious reason, which can be that game titles are all visible. There are many visible aspects which have to go to a video game for doing it to be successful. The creators has to be able to create something that creatively fits with the game although also aesthetically relays towards the player were and what direction to go. There are many aspects that I may go into that visually result a game, although this is regarding visual language in video games not the visual facets of games. Visible language is simply a dialect that everybody accumulates in their life especially now that wish more of a visible culture; the only thing is that they avoid really realize that they understand this terminology. It's seriously simple to appreciate once somebody opens your eyes to it. Something such as video games which are all visual can be simpler or more difficult for someone to assess it. To provide you with an example, Let me explain the visual portions of games, the advantages and disadvantages of visual realism in games, visual effects of online games on game enthusiasts, and an Image analysis of your picture of your character of your video game.

For me to accurately example visible language in video games you must know some basic aesthetic aspects of video games. Ever video game has the same general image elements to " …guide, direct, and communicate with the participant. ” (Visual Elements within Games) For example , every level that you enjoy is designed to lead you to your goal. The extent...


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