Edexcel Level 3 Degree for Children and Young Individuals Workforce Workbook 1

Unit 1 & Unit 18

Understanding Kids and Young People's Expansion

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Unit 1

Q1. (1. 1) Explain the sequence and price of each part of development by birth – 19 years. In your Response, you must include the pattern of Development via: 0-3, 3-7, 7-12, 12-16, 16-19 years. You must also describe the following: Low Motor Physical Development

Physical Maturity


Intellectual / Cognitive

Sociable Development

Psychological and Behavioural Development

Self improvement

0-3 years – In the beginning of a children's life they might rely completely on their caregiver for almost everything; such as feeding, bathing, changing and nurturing. Their way of communicating that they want a thing would be to cry. A child will gain details about physical expertise frm 0-3 years which will start with to be able to roll above, then seated up, then simply crawling, then simply walking with assistance to walking unassisted. Dialect will also set out to form starting with babbling, then a toned babble that conveys their delight or dissatisfaction at some thing, they will commence to respond to their particular name and also respond to the word " no”. Words including " mama” or " dada” will follow and by age 3 they must be able to state simple sentences and phrases and follow straightforward instructions. 3-7 years – At this point a child will start to study balance and begin to gain acceleration and agility in their walking, running and skipping. They may learn motion that will permit them to swim and drive a bike and also incorpareate electric motor skills in games. They are going to rarely present signs of exhaustion and will seek out active online games and envirments. A child will enjoy being around other kids at this age and can interact with and engage with all of them well in discussion, games and activity. Throughout this period kids will learn to assume through play, fantasy and exploration. Fewer tantrums may happen over this development level as a child is actually learning to express their feelings through phrases and their sense of connaissance will also begin to show through which they have indexed from spending some time with adults as well as other kids. A child likewise starts university in this creation stage and can start to understand alphabet and spelling, keeping track of and simple maths. They will also discover ways to behave within a school environment and therefore know when to become quiet, to share and to admiration their parents and peers. 7-12 years – Actually a child will now be quite independant and coordinated. They could start attempting to test all their physical advantages by doing things such as climbing trees and shrubs and getting off large surfaces. They may now are more aware of their body and might request level of privacy when getting attired or showering. From a cognitive factor a child will day-dream a lot and be lacking minded most of the time. Nevertheless they will be able to look at problems from more than one angle now and be more diplomatic. Their perception of connaissance will now be well developed and they'll enjoy reading and showing jokes. They shall be able to create and spell well and count up to 100 and do simple sums and equations. They will also start to self assess and notice things they can improve on rather than get it pointed out. Sociallizing is still something a child will relish at this age nevertheless they will also learn to want their particular space; in particular when feeling straight down. Fear of true to life events may also become more noticeable in the kid such as theft, kidnapping or other occasions they find on the news. Self image is likewise huge to a child and they may want to be viewed in a particular way simply by others to gain acceptance or perhaps approval; by way of example not wanting their parent to hug or kiss them in fron with their friends so they look awesome. 12-16 years – This kind of stage is incredibly different pertaining to males and females. Women at this age will begin puberty, her body will establish more and her menstrual...


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