п»їLog One-

Treasure Area starts with a narrative of a young young man, Jim. Rick is the kid of a tavern keeper. The storyline begins which has a mysterious irritated pirate known as Billy Bones. Billy will not pay lease, and Jim's father usually takes little to no actions. Taking this kind of into account, it is usually deduced that there zero law.

Jim continues to be hired simply by Billy as a look out for a one legged guy. Eventually, Rick finds somebody, who, although is certainly not the one-legged man of Jim's disturbing dreams, is searching for Billy Bones. When they are intruduced, Jim overhears them talking followed by the noises of combat. Billy takes a whack, and the " friend" escapes. Later Sean goes to try to collect lease from the guy. Billy is drunk and tells of just how his outdated crew is definitely after him for his treasure. Record Two-

In Treasure Area, Jim attends his dad's funeral, who have recently died. There, this individual meets a blind man who wishes to meet Billy Bones. From charlie, Billy gets a Black Spot, which will Billy expresses to signify he provides six hours to live. Jim finds his mother and they head out to a neighboring town for support from probably invasive buccaneers. However , nobody is willing to help. When Jim wonderful mother return home, that they find Billy dead. Jim goes through his pockets and finds the key to the aged man's torso. But , when he searches the contents from the chest he could be forced to run away from attacking pirates. Log Three-

In Treasure Tropical isle, Jim starts out as a self conscious naive boy of an inn keeper. Through the entire story Rick outsmarts cutthroat buccaneers, confiscates a ship, and saves many lives. By the end of the history Jim features matured wonderfully. Unlike most boys, Jim's father will not appear to be his main function model. Doctor Livesey seems to be a role style in, at least, his our childhood. When John steals the map, he firstly feels of the doctor. Also, Sean looks up top Squire Trelawny. Over the story, Rick spends time and effort with cutthroat buccaneers. Though this individual does mimick them, the pirates tend not to leave any ill influence on the...


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