A Case Analyze on Top Star Bakery

Administration 12 – G

Group 1

Aseñas, Earl Adrian C.

Buenavista, Gil L.

Dineros, Georgette Mae P.

Lu, Christine Y.

Refamonte, Ma. Nathalie D.

Tubat, Divina Mari A.

March 21, 2014

I. Central Problem.

How will Manny Bautista be able to control the labor costs and introduce his proposed plan to the workers in a way that reduces resistance from your workers?

2. Alternative Methods of Action (ACA)

1 . Execute a regular assessment on the employees and fire the least powerful personnel.

2 . Implement a manning program and a stricter managing.

3. Apply a piecework rate program, set subgroup for each worker, and give bonuses and benefits, as determination, for any excess in sampling.


you Each alternative course of action means that action of abolishing the previous overtime-sharing plan and implies no overtime, however, at all. a couple of The manning system is the assigning certain schedules for each and every worker. If perhaps they take a certain day off, a worker should work with the paperwork needed for a great exchange of schedule with another worker.

III. Positive aspects and Disadvantage of Each Alternative Course of Action

1 ) Perform a frequent assessment around the workers and fire minimal effective employees. Advantages:

A typical assessment provides better control on each employee's job based upon the results of the analysis. Workers can feel motivated to accomplish better to avoid getting suspended or fired. Firing minimal effective staff gives the probability to get rid of workers who will not work and contribute to the bakery's productivity.


A regular analysis takes time, effort, and cash.

Workers works harder during assessment period only and would not apply much effort on times when evaluation is certainly not done. Shooting employees might trigger the employees to form a union because they could feel genuinely offended that their very own...


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