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The Tragedy of Treyvon Matn

With the wide-spread national press coverage with the Treyvon Matn shooting, information can be quickly misconstrued and bring about prejudices on the circumstance in its whole and also George Zimmerman. The thing that was tragic episode turned into an extremely publicized trend. Facts and specifics of the watch case should be exclusive and the timeframe from indictment to trial is detrimental to a fair trial, a 6th amendment correct under the United States Constitution. Conditions surrounding Martin's death, with the initial decision not to fee Zimmerman after detainment and questioning simply by police, along with a query and examination of Florida's " Stand Your Ground” law generated national and international attention directed towards Treyvon Martin case. A topic of contest is called upon, had the murdered been a different competition other than Black, would the truth have been while publicized?

Public demand regarding authorities conduct and allegations of racist determination for the shooting triggered Zimmerman's criminal arrest.

Rodney Ruler was pursued by police pertaining to suspicion of drinking beyond the legal limit and intoxication. He was not really compliant with police and as a result, he started to be the victim of authorities brutality. Having been hit 56 times with a baton, kicked 6 occasions, swarmed and handcuffs and cordcuffed by five or six cops. Rodney Ruler survived law enforcement assault and sustained nonlife threatening accidental injuries from police officers. The Are usually district attorney recharged four officers with the use of abnormal force. Koon, who was the supervisory expert at the time, was charged to get " willfully permitting and failing to do this to stop the unlawful strike. ” The first judge was replaced and the new judge changed the venue and the jury pool because of suspected contamination from the original jurors by mass media coverage. 3 officers had been acquitted nevertheless could not make a decision on one of the expenses...


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