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Percival In. Olandesca, MM


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Aceron Masilang


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Emmanuel Judith

General Secretary

Iligan Lanao Norte Sports Association

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Ronnie Cadigal Albastro


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Jimson J. Malolot

Accumulated Officer

Iligan City National High School

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Cromwel S. Vicente

Property Custodian

CFC Supportive

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Artemio N. Beley

Member Table of Overseer

SPS Brain Coach

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Jerome G. Santos

Affiliate Board of Director

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Philippe L. Pirante


Administrative Officer, City Government

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Iligan City, Lanao del Septentrion, Philippines 9200

October you, 2014

Hon. Rodel Oca

Greetings of Prosperity!

We, the Iligan Town Futbol Club (ICFC) are delighted to invite you to join us in our Fiesta Futsal Festival! This will likely be a 2-day festival little league and we aim for the best video game scheduling feasible for ease of facilitation and for your convenience. This is an open competition for all ages and will be labeled as " Men's Open”. Teams will probably be broken down in brackets and games might be a single circular robin formatting for your entertainment. Each group will be consists of five (5) players which has a maximum of five (3) supplies.

This will happen around the newly developed covered court of Bagong Silang, Iligan City on September 14 and doze, 2014. The tournament begins at 8am on Sat 10th of October, completing at 5pm on On the 11th October. All taking part Teams will receive a license of engagement, a staff photo (soft copy available readily available for download) and trophies and medals for winning teams and outstanding person players. The price of participating is One...


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