The queue The " line" that the film's title refers to is a poverty series, or the collection between " the haves and have-nots, " together person in the film put it. The documented highlights the stories of four people who have discovered themselves on both sides of the line: an ex bank vp who misplaced his work, a Louisiana fisherman whose livelihood is threatened simply by environmental destruction and hurricanes, a former homeless man, and a woman that grew up in a high offense neighborhood, elevated herself out of lower income, and found very little back in poverty after a awful accident interrupted her life. The film puts low income into point of view showing that it can strike anyone and that it is more prevalent in this time period. I felt very relocated by the daddy that lost his task and immediately after began using food banks to nourish himself and his children. The fact that the video showed someone that once kept such a reputable position required into poverty allows you to realize that this is something that can happen to any person. I have been within a similar circumstance and have confronted the " degraded” sense that encompasses you whenever you collect your food. Knowing that you can not supply what your family should survive can make you feel not simply defeated, nevertheless, you also have a sense of being a failure for taking these types of handouts. Because of the social stigmas that once existed to those that acknowledge either authorities help or perhaps in this example of the food banking institutions, you dread the labels that will be placed on you. However , together with the recent Economic depression and trying occasions with the job market, it has pressured more people into the low income level lifting some areas of the pity. At this point it could be more normal...


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