Departments & operation

Marketing Department

• It is just a team of over 200 developing the strategy for every customer touch points in a Starbucks store and in the digital space. This includes advertisments for our products (such a favorite, the Pumpkin Essence Latte) or perhaps digital marketing strategies like social websites, promotions, and also programs just like Starbucks Cards, CRM, e-commerce and portable (Digital Ventures).

• Whether it is on a cellular device or in one of our stores, they will strive to deliver genuine moments of reference to our buyers while driving a car transactions. 1 innovative issue they've performed recently can be partner with Sq to release mobile obligations in their retail stores.

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 Digital Ventures

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Fund & Accounting Department

• It is yours operations, buyer products and

intercontinental businesses. This can be a key part of

continued expansion and success.

• They are really more than 500 professionals working in

fields including accounting, organization unit financing,

corporate expansion, finance services, internal

review, investor relationships, tax and customs, treasury

and risikomanagement, and safety and security.

• That they love like a part of a company with solid

ethics which includes such wonderful impact on caffeine farmers,

lovers, customers, and neighborhoods.

Global Supply Chain Department

• They work with over 18, 000 stores in 62+ countries throughout the world to ensure that products are always designed for their baristas and their customers.

• Via coffee to cups to chairs and more—their group manages more than 85, 000 outbound transport per week to Starbucks stores, distribution channels and stores.

• They are really a brilliant (and a Gartner Top 25 award winning) crew that aims for innovation and efficiencies.

Global Technology Department

• They're the group that delivers technology alternatives that help their partners work more productively, help to make their retailers run more

efficiently, and invite their customers to connect even more closely.

• Become a crucial part of bringing their strategic plan to your life through emerging technologies and platforms.

Open public Affairs, Marketing communications and

Community Department

• Their Community Affairs, Sales and marketing communications and Community team involves

their Business Social Responsibility, Community Participation, and Diversity and Inclusion groups.

• They're a large band of partners (over 50) that promotes and protects the Starbucks manufacturer reputation (internally and externally) all

around the globe, in many ways. This may include corporate and business, digital and partner connection and involvement plans or perhaps strategic

alliances and systems.

Starbucks Equipment needed

• Computer

• Scanner

• Printer

• Cashier machine

• Device for personal computer connect to the STARBUCKS full network.

• There is a wireless internet provided by T mobile, which allows consumers to connect for the wireless network.

There are two pieces of equipment;

the Cisco Router and Cisco Wireless access point.

Coupled to the computer system we have a Printer used to print reports of virtually any nature, and a funds scale which in turn counts Cash in a quicker way and even more accurately, mainly it is utilized to count the tills with the end with this process almost all data are sended towards the system.

With the Point of sale you will find two little printers where all receipts come out, and two (chip and pin) credit and debit card machines.

• To protect stores, a new home security alarm has been created for cards that will use a clever chip.

When ever customers spend using one of these kinds of cards, rather then signing a confidential protection number (PIN) is joined.

Recommendations about training staff and limit of the personal computer used

Starbucks Software

• Uses the DBMS (Database Management System), which is a computer software program that help Starbucks organize, retrieve and search information in a database basic on Oracle database

• It has...


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