The benefits and disadvantages of being a professional sportsman

Being a specialist sportsman requires much hard work and faithfulness. Treating sporting activities as an occupation has its advantages and disadvantages, since every job does. First of all, the main advantage of being a professional sportsman is cash, and therefore, fame. In some disciplines, like sports or tennis, the amount of the income earned is substantial. If he reaches efficiency, money caused by sponsoring and advertising provide the sportsman an opportunity to improve himself. Secondly, an expert sportsman could keep fit and healthy. Athletes do exercising daily and so they are fit and effective. They must adhere to strict diet and they should not be in compromising postures. On the other hand, practicing an expert sport has its own disadvantages, also. If the sportsperson is hurt by the time to train or a video game, he might shed his profession in sport. What is more, a lot of sports including boxing or football are extremely dangerous. Accidents may have extremely poor repercussions and can bring also death. One other disadvantage of becoming a sportsman may be the lack of leisure time. Sportsmen are always on the road for trainings or contests and dedicate all of their time and energy to be able to achieve functionality. Therefore , their family a lot more often hard and when their very own career is now over, they find themselves lonely minus a job. To summarize, achieving efficiency in sport has the two advantages and disadvantages. For me, sport may be a gainful occupation in case you are ready to help to make some sacrifices.


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