The early levels of developing up can easily have its unique concerns. There are many different issues that can fail while growning up. Your entire body is changing and that cand have some used to. There was many testimonies that I browse in the materials book that illustrated this to me. Let me compare these stories to each other to see how they were comparable and also to see the different problems people encounter while developing up.

In the story " the group of little feet", three little girls go out to research the world and discover many amazing thing and also many nasty things(Cisneros, 77). The poem " in just" is approximately what children see whenever they look at the world(Cummings, 158). These types of stories are similar in that they both present a children perspective on everyday things. In the Cummings story the youngsters see the ballonman as a marvelous creature. It also shows just how kids like spring. After being locked up inside all winter months they can finally go outside the house and manage around and get soiled and just have a great time. In Cisneros story about the magical shoes that there mother had provided to them this shows how kids can definitely grow up too fast. The kids just want to be kids nevertheless everyone else is seeing these people as individuals. The girls do not really know what is going on. And when that they get home that they just want to eliminate the shoes to allow them to just be kids again. The two of these stories will be about just being young and doing stuff that kids do. Playing in the mud and dancing regarding. They are harm to things you can only do as a child. If an adult starting skipping along through puddles people would think he was crazy but if an adult saw a youngster doing it they might not have another thought about it.

In the account of the " undertaker" a young man is killed with a gang(Smith, 135). As the mother goes toward visit the undertaker she tries to explain to him how wonderful her son was and how he was not associated with a team. She would like the undertaker to make her son seem like the nice little...


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