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The Effect of Leverage about Shareholders' Return: An Empirical Study upon Some Picked Listed Companies in Bangladesh Md. Abdullah Al Hasan1* Anupam Dieses Gupta2 Al1. Lecturer, Department of Fund and Banking, University of Chittagong. 2 . Assistant Teacher, Department of Finance and Banking, University or college of Chittagong. Email: [email protected] ac. bd. * Email of the corresponding author: [email protected] com snail mail Abstract Economical plan is among the vital decisions of a firm because a financial plan impacts the market benefit, cost of capital and investors return of the firm. The Proportion of Debt to Equity in the financial prepare of a firm is called influence. Since optimal debt proportion influences a firm's their market value and shareholder's return, several firms work with different financial debt different percentage at several levels to optimize market value and shareholders returning. Numerous researches have been carried out over the years on these issues. Most of these empirical research have been carried out on developed countries point of view. This examine aims to look into the effect of leverage on shareholders' go back i. at the. Shareholders' rspective. return by means of EPS of some outlined companies beneath four companies in Bangladesh. The study identifies the relationship between leverage and EPS. An easy regression unit has been utilized for the pooled data in the selected EPS. listed companies in Bangladesh considering debts ratio as independent changing and EPS as dependent variable. The study results reveal leverage offers statistically significant effect on the shareholders' returning and proper management of effect leveraging can increase the value of EPS Key words: Power, EPS 1 ) 1 Intro The auto financing decision is a significant bureaucratic decision for the company. It influences the shareholders' returning and risk. Consequently industry value in the share can be affected by capital structure decisions. A demand intended for raising the funds qualified prospects a firm to restructure the present structure since decisions of capital framework has to be revised considering the quantity and forms of financing. The brand new financing decisions of the firm may impact its financial debt t –equity mix. The debt-equity combine has significance for the shareholders' profits and risk. Thus the leverage value provides the potential of increasing shareholders' earnings along with creating the hazards of loss to these people. It is a dual earnings edged sword. The following statement offered by I M Pandey very well summarizes the concept of financial power: " The low the interest level, the greater will be the profit, as well as the less the chance of reduction; the fewer the amount the borrowed, the reduced will be earnings or loss; also, the more the funding, the greater the chance of unprofitable influence and the increased the chance of gain. ” The function of leverage in magnifying the return on the investors is based on the assumptions which the fixed costs shareholders fund can be obtained for a cost lower than the business rate of return on net resources. Thus if the difference between your earnings, made by possessions financed by the fixed expenses funds, and costs of these funds is distributed towards the shareholders, in that case EPS increases. It should be very clear that EPS is the important figure for analyzing the effect of leveraging. So , the researchers wish to warrant whether the power effect the shareholders' come back or certainly not practically simply by no an evaluative analyze. 1 . two Review of Books Several studies have been executed on capital structure by simply different scholars in different period of time. The


European Log of Organization and Supervision ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online) 1905 2222 Vol. a few, No . a few, 2013

correlation among Debt to equity ratio (D/E) percentage and all profitability ratios is usually strongly positive ( proportions (Balasundaram & Nimalathasan, 2010). Leverage...

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