The characters in " A Doll's House" and " The Expert Builder" by simply Henrik Ibsen are so kept down by their own selfishness that they can only fantasize that they can themselves have the power to lift up off the ground and fly. Selfishness lays this sort of a burden after the character types, even though they do not realize their particular selfish activities, and in returning their activities result in injuring themselves and the ones they liked.

Nora Helmer from " A Doll's House" concentrates her energy on the significance of her husband's money and centers her own satisfaction here. Though Nora views herself while an independent female towards the end of the perform, she under no circumstances realizes how selfish she gets acted through her marital life with Torvald. Nora statements that this lady has done every thing in the benefits of her spouse, and the complete reason the lady forged a signature was going to save his life. States that all her wrong work were for the fair purpose of take pleasure in, " I am just not these kinds of a trick as that. I did it for appreciate, didn't My spouse and i? " (29). Nora dumbs down to make sure Torvald he could be right, and once she wants he responds with, " There's my little sky-lark talking common sense" (69). Torvald, getting extremely self-centered himself, refers to Nora because his little songbird and defines his idea of a wife with her. He continuously tells her to continue about chirruping and flying regarding the house just like usual, as any wife must do. When anything goes wrong Torvald leaps to create Nora her chirrupy self again, " Now, at this point, not so crazy and edgy! Let me help you being my little vocal singing bird again" (60). Towards the end the moment Nora decides to leave him he turns his " vocal singing skylark" belief of her into an innocent ove, pointing out his power more than her, " Here you can find sanctuary. Here I actually shall hold you like a hunted dove I have rescued unscathed through the cruel talons of the hawk, and quiet your poor beating heart" (78). He connects her to traveling and being free even though neither are.

Hilde Wangel of A Expert Builder lies her selfishness upon Harvald Solness....


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