Josh Rucci English 112 Linshi Li Final Draft Technology, Good or Bad? Imagine a world in which everything was work by computers, a world in which every thing revolves around personal computers and makes almost everything hands free. This could sound like something which you dream of, but technology is reaching new levels daily. To many people this might sound amazing, but it also hits fear in to many persons. A hands-free society tends to make life less complicated, but what occurs something does not go right. The technology of computers is growing incredibly rapidly, yet at the same time thus is the dependency about them. Our society is growing to dependant on software. There are many who also do not keep this same look at though; various say that the expansion of pcs and their technology is the best thing to happen to us since the automobile. Various feel that the recent technological trend is made for the best. The growth of software is adverse due to the fact that society is growing to dependant on pcs and this is going to lead to a tragedy in the future.

Computer systems are becoming extremely versatile inside the households today, too flexible. Computers are finding a place in almost everyone component to today? s i9000 households and they are beginning to be able to do many household tasks. Many people are beginning to obtain computers, in reality from the content? The PERSONAL COMPUTER Platform? composed by Eckhard Pfeiffer, it is said that more than? 11 , 000, 000 U. H. homes curently have two or more functioning PCs? (Pfeiffer 35). This kind of clearly gives the point showing how many people are using computers, as well as the even scarier point is that that number keeps growing rapidly. Pfeiffer goes on to say how the computer has a distinctive use in every room of the home. The uses stated cover anything from making doctor appointments to alerting you when anything has been cracked in your house. These kinds of uses are extremely helpful without a doubt, but what occurs something goes wrong with the computers in your house. There are constant complications with computers today...

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