By: Luke Goldberg & Kevin Ryan



This theory is a framework that analyzes contemporary society by

concentrating on the very subjective meanings persons impose on

objects occasions and actions

Interactionist claim that people act based on the actual

believe to get true and not simply on what is objectively accurate

This theories main supposition is that society is a social

construct that people create through social relationships with other folks and the understanding of those relationships.

H We S T O RY O F T They would E O RY

Developed by George Meads work in 1920s

Term termed by Herbert Blumer in 69.

Herbert Blumer March 7th 1900- Apr 13th 1987

The ideas for this theory came from Mead,

which thought that people are best

comprehended in a functional, interactive regards to

their environment.


Individuals create own sociable reality through

collective and individual actions.

Participant remark

Qualitative meeting with

Interaction analysis

Context existing sources evaluation


Meaning-states that individuals act toward people and things based on the meanings that provide to those persons or issues. Symbolic

Interactionism holds the principal of which means to be the central aspect of human behavior

Language-gives humans a way by which to negotiate meaning through symbols. Humans discover meaning in speech functions with others. ( People have different symbolism for different things. )

Thought- modifies every individual's model of emblems. Thought can be described as mental conversation that requires distinct points of watch. ( Connotations can change, they're not tangible. )


Self is the capability to reflect on ourself from the

views of others.

Looking-glass self- people see themselves how they

envision others see them

Two dimensions of Self

" I” = Subject; acting self

" Me” = Object; noticing self

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