Internal/ Exterior: SWOT research


5. Famous brand of Marriott motel chain in 67 countries, focus on B2C and B2B market * Staff(130 full-time employees) and staffs turnover is only 5%- high retention level, although during summer months number of personnel increases (full-time and part-time) * Advantage of location based on the centre of Copenhagen and water look at * Savings packages can be (family discount rates, free transport before/ following cruise) as well as the points program * Business culture is usually orientated for the statement " How Marriott never forgets a guest. ”- high attention to the customer 5. Core product is experience can be and also additional services 2. Green key hotel and Environmental Panel

5. A lot of rooms (383) and 11 conference bedrooms, which are big in Western standards; 2. Mergers with Tivoli and transportation organization


* Customer satisfaction: 81. two % last season, 18. 8% of customers can easily influence negatively on standing, because of mouth-to-ear information division * Excessive prices in 5* hotel (food and beverage, rooms), extra expenditures (Wi-Fi); Possibilities

* To have more services: like pool or normal water center, vessel trips 2. Eco- food will support the idea of the " environmental fight” Dangers

* Monopolistic competition, sixty-five competitors: approximately for five star hotels in Copenhagen; * Financial circumstances: crisis, inflation influences on customer decisions


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