William Nguyen

British, Period 2

January 21, 2013

Video Review

" May the power be with you” is a quotation that people numerous know. Also people that grew up years following Star Wars was proven know what a light-weight saber can be. Star Battles was the 1st movie available, using technology never employed before to increase above the additional movies and set a high normal so additional movies may follow. Of course, the environment for star wars is incredibly vague and unspecific previously being said that film production company takes place in the past, in a galaxy far far but the story is very beautifully shaped. The plot is very clear to understand. Every function linked to one more and there was no arbitrary actions. The characters are well thought up and the video takes place in a cool place. The movie provides the universal theme of good vs . bad. Either side has one main very good guy and one key bad guy. The plot might not be very complicated, but is very easy to understand. Having the said the plot isn't very complex, it still has some semi-dramatic parts. Like most movies this movie has the good aspect in some sort of problem and gets saved at the very last second with a victory soon following, which in turn would seem sensible because most of the people would prefer the favorable side to win. Star wars has an ending that could satisfy most viewers. The last and very best benefit of the video is the props and technology. It seems that Superstar Wars has more developed props and level setting than the movie by itself. Which is essential because the movie is mostly aesthetic anyway. The sound effects are also very well created. The storyline for legend wars may not be that great, but viewing Star Battles just for the visual can be well worth although. Overall, Legend Wars is a great movie and has done a great job for different movies to adhere to. And even though you will discover movies given that are method better than Celebrity Wars, Superstar Wars will always be the 1st and possibly it will never end up being forgotten.


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