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The level of Masters of Science


Accounting & Finance


Program (2008-2010)

Section Of Accounting & FinanceKinnaird College for girls, Lahore [pic]

Executive overview

" The purpose of study was to know about SUMMIT BANK LIMITED and to examine the monetary statement. "

In this report the Summit Bank's background, mission, vision and services as well as management is described. After this the analysis of economic statements can be conducted which will shows in which the Banks is definitely standing.

Banking sector of Pakistan has been transformed in a short period of 5 years from a sluggish and Government completely outclassed sector to a much more souple, competitive and profitable sector. Speed and sequencing of banking sector transformation and its role in promoting economic development is now a leading story of the sector succes. Within Pakistan SBP offers a story of what powerful leadership of regulator and change management and corporate governance can achieve and offer. Outside pakistan it truly is serving to offer rich lessons in what big difference governance of regulator could make and how financial institution restructuring and privatization can change the lanscape of from the industry.

Summit Bank Limited started procedures in August 2006 and became a profitable business within one full year. AHBL got started off which has a high capital base and is also positioned to take advantage of the business synergetic effects and complementaries afforded to it by simply its selling group. The financial institution has a top quality management staff, a first class technology platform, and commitment to global methods. Its organization strategy is dependent on the " block-building” basic principle wherein rewarding niches are tapped progessively. I did my personal 12 several weeks internship in Summit Bank Limited Multan Road Part. During internship I was thrown over in departments.


Summit Bank produced heavy opportunities towards boosting its features in the area of automation and technology. It is very well positioned to fulfill client demands, with increased competitive benefit.

During my twelve weeks internship in Summit Bank Multan Road Lahore is spend one or two several weeks each in following departments:

• Bank account opening office

• Eradicating department

• Trade financial department

Working these departments was a superb learning publicity for me. Once i conduct financial and tendency analysis of Summit Financial institution I found that its budget is improving year by simply year. Comparative study with other banks demonstrates that it is relatively better then other banking institutions. I concluded that Summit Lender is carrying out very well.



My own creator, my best friend and mentor, who bestowed on me personally the meaning of life. " ALLAH” who granted us a wealth of knowledge, love and respect to share with my fellow beings. This individual gave me courage to follow my passion against all odds.

My Parents whose bringing up gave me personality and a compassionate heart. I spend my as a result of Dr . Nikhat Khan Head of Accounting & Fund Department of Kinnaird College for Women allowed me to complete this assignment. We also shell out my appreciation to my personal teachers and Ms Manal Talat Manager, Accounting & Finance whoms cooperation on every step of the demanding job is highly appreciatable. Without their very own cooperation it was not possible to complete this. My wholly thanks to Staff of Peak Bank limited, Multan Road Branch for his or her cooperation.


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