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Flexibility- For flexibility you can do the sit and reach check. The advantages of the are it will be fairly cheap, little equipment is required apart from a box with measurements as well as a magnetic to move onto it. A disadvantage to get the traditional take a seat and reach procedure is the fact people with very long arms and short thighs would get a better result, while those with brief arms and long thighs are at a disadvantage. The revised sit and reach evaluation controls in this, as the zero tag is adjusted for each specific, based on their particular sitting reach level. This test simply measures the flexibleness of the lower back and hamstrings, and is a valid measure of this.

Strength- A method to measure durability you could perform 1 duplication maximum. The most weight lifted is recorded. The series of lifting should also become recorded as these can be used in subsequent tests to help in determining the lifts to try. The only gear you'd need is Free weights (barbells, dumbbells) or perhaps other exercise equipment. An advantage with this is that the machines are already readily available in gyms. A disadvantage is the fact performing a maximum pounds lift is merely for advanced weight instructors and it is crucial to have good technique before trying this test out.

Aerobic Endurance- To assess aerobic endurance you can do the bleep check. This check involves operating between two lines 20m apart with time to registered beeps.. The subjects stand behind one of the lines facing the second range, and begin working when advised by the documenting. The speed at the start is sluggish. The subject continues running between two lines, turning once signalled by recorded beeps. After a certain period of time (a minute), a sound indicates an increase in velocity, and the beeps will be better together. This continues for each minute. If the range is come to before the beep sounds, the topic must delay until the beep sounds just before continuing. If...


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