Solectron: By Contract Manufacturer to

Global Supply Sequence Integrator


Solectron Corporation is although another classic case of your company that benefited immensely from the appear in. com growth, only to go through the pains from the bust as the appear in. com companies went down inside the early 2000s. From its humble beginnings in Milpitas, FLORIDA as a solar powered energy products company, Solectron turned out to be a highly successful global supply chain integrator with revenues of $18. 6 billion dollars by 2001. From the period it was founded in 1977 through 2000, the company grew in leaps and bounds mainly through lateral acquisitions.

After unable as a company of solar powered energy products, the corporation moved to producing printed signal boards (PCBs) for other electronics corporations. Solectron was so good that it is credited with changing the PCB job organization into a significant contract making industry. The organization manufactured numerous products because of its customers, which will covered pcs (docking stations, mainframes, Personal computers, servers and so forth ); telecoms (access products, base areas, IP telephony equipment, mobile phones); marketing (hubs, modems, NICs, changes, routers) and Computer peripherals (disk/tape pushes, laser and inkjet printers).

Quality and company culture will be two qualities that helped Solectron to achieve success and stand above other suppliers. Right from when the company was started Dr . Chen, the business president, instilled a traditions of remarkable customer service and respect pertaining to the individual to all employees. So strong was the focus on quality that the firm aligned their practices while using Baldridge Nationwide Quality Award standards; an award Solectron eventually won in 1991 and again in 1997. The Solectron lifestyle comprised of standard quality group meetings, self-examination of performances; Top quality Improvement Process (QIP); rewarding performance; taking feedback via customers, and a focus about customer satisfaction. Quality became a competitive benefits for Solectron.

Since Original Equipment Suppliers (OEM) outsourced more and more of their manufacturing and services, Solectron evolved from an agreement manufacturer to a global supply chain integrator, with a significant increase in the volume and scope of providers it provided. This progress is seen by the business substantial increase in revenue via $3. 7 billion in 1997 to $18 billion dollars by 2001 - an issue of more than four in numerous years. Since reflected in case, the company's share appreciated by a factor of 280 among 1989 and 2000.

It can be interesting to notice how the organization went on an asset acquisition process with its fresh 1992 business design that contains buying making sites via companies like IBM, as a swap for long lasting contracts. Solectron acquired features from more than 20 companies that included HP, Arizona Instruments, Volvo etc . This made monetary sense during the prevailing organization environment, but based on economic and business cycles, attaining such a huge asset basic was a recipe for catastrophe. When demand falls since it eventually did, Solectron was stuck with resources that included excess work-in progress and finished goods, as well as idle plants ' reminiscent of the current economic downturn.

While business continuing to grow in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Solectron created innovative tips of controlling acquisitions and improving functionality. The company made a fortune on OEM industry protections whereby consolidated OEMs preferred strategic partnerships with just one or two top-tier suppliers that got no geographic distribution limits. The company was able to establish this sort of partnerships by simply expanding it is base through acquisitions; therefore creating features and supply chains that were near to customers. Solectron also jumped on the popularity of reducing costs simply by moving several of its development to less expensive regions just like South America and Asia. Given the size of the company, a heavy...


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