The fact of soft drinks

At present, a lot of people drink soft drinks every single day not knowing just how bad they are for our overall health. Even doctors and specialists report that soft drinks are bad for all of us. In this essay, I will let you know some information about soft drinks that prove that they can be not good to drink them. That some of the people possibly call consuming soft drinks while drinking toxins.

Firstly, fizzy drinks are detrimental to our health since they have lots of sugar and they prevent our body by absorbing water. These affect the circulation of the blood within a bad method and also, they contain high calories that make us gain weight.

Secondly, carbonated drinks contain a excessive acidity (ph). It is awful because it triggers teeth to erode. For the reason that the strong acid contained in the drink causes corrosion on the enamel, the thick layer that addresses our teeth's surface to safeguard our pearly whites. Professor Gwon Ho Geun (2012. 02. 01) reported that if the acidity in our mouth drops to lower than 5ph, calcium in our within our enamel escapes out. And this is one of the factors that people go to hospital with acid erosion teeth due to drinking soft drinks.

These types of beverages, such as Skol and Sprite, are ‘poison' for the people who have liver/kidney problems. To really succeed to absorb within the body, people incorporate sodium in sports refreshments which affects badly to kidney/liver. And health beverage in pharmacy contains caffeine so whenever we take or drink this for a long period of time, it is possible for being addicted.

And i also have one other story. Among the elementary pupils conducted a great experiment. He observed as he placed a fish bone fragments into soda and plain tap water. After 5 days, the fish bone tissue in the soft drink was smooth and had converted into a lump. Drinking a lot of soft drinks triggers our bone fragments weaker and it affects growing as well. As it gets weak, there is a bigger percentage of breaking our bones.

In conclusion, I seriously want to say that it is dreadful to drink sodas and stop ingesting...


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