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 Essay regarding Sme Learn Plan

HIP 3: SME Investment Programme (SIP)

Charm Food Sdn Bhd offers strong support and assistance from government agencies including SME Corp, Agriculture Department, RISDA and MARA which usually helped by means of funds and equipments. Among the challenges is difficult to get the loans from the banking institutions. Sin Chew up newspaper stated that only twenty percent of the 560, 000 SMEs manage to get loan from the bank. The Connection of Financial institutions in Malaysia (ABM) features announced that small , medium companies (SMEs) will be able to know the reasons for all their loan applications being rejected by simply participating business banks. Thus, this program is advantageous for Dazzle.

SIP is definitely not beneficial and don't benefit Good Sdn Bhd because it is not only a new business. Furthermore, it has a high sales development every year. Therefore this firm has solid financial position.

AJ Foodstuff company provides a tight income and triggered them miss out the potential offshore businesses. Furthermore, it was very difficult for them to obtain loans from banks as banks were very strict in providing loans to SMEs. AJ Food's successful transmission into the hypermarket chains because the government advised that the credit rating term be shortened. This kind of HIP pays to for AJ Company to solve the monetary problem and then let the company to have more R& D. Datuk Hafsah (2012) said that " entrepreneurs will not place much importance on research and development (R& D) because of the hefty sum of investments required to appreciate it”. The UPS study interviewed 95 Malaysian SMEs to identify essential competitiveness problems faced by them. The results mentioned that time cost, advancement and access to funding and working capital, would be the main difficulties faced by Malaysian SMEs. In 08, the government features allocated RM3. 2 billion for 198 SME creation programs around all economic sectors. The main aims in order to: enhance assisting infrastructure pertaining to SMEs, boost capacity building to strengthen SMEs, and boost access to loans.

HIP 5: Going Export...

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Sme Master Plan
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