п»їGood morning teacher and many other classmates. I am ______and today, I will be talking about the elevating amount of diversity in higher education with regards to student tickets and the distinct university encounters in Singapore. With six different regional universities available, A-level and polytechnic teachers nowadays have got a variety of courses to choose from that suit their demands. But can be diversity in schools a problem? Singapore Supervision University (SMU) partnered up with the American Wharton Organization School it happened in 1999 and approved their first batch of students in 2000. To put itself in addition to the more established Nationwide University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University or college (NTU), pupils are not only approved based on grades, but also through panel interviews, reflecting essays and their other features and successes. The American-style of teaching students in little seminar groupings and supplying marks to students to get class involvement that SMU has followed has educated their teachers to think issues feet and also to speak in a more comfortable, articulate and mature way. With SMU's increasing reputation amongst college students and organisations posing challenging, both NUS and NTU are upgrading to try and attract the best students. NUS has made use of the high worldwide ranking to create partnerships with different universities around the globe to offer abroad exchange programmes to their students. The NUS-town was also opened up at the previous Warren Golf Club site in Clementi to provide students a residential university experience. Meanwhile, NTU begun to focus on savoir and technology, setting up a lot of labs such as Future Freedom Research Research laboratory with BMW to study the continuing future of transportation. With 2000 graduates a year, NTU pioneered in engineering education, and is the world's most significant single-campus engineering facility. NTU students also get to spend 12 months with a partner university before taking on internships by start-up businesses and...


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