1 . ____________ represent a special type of order taking that entitles consumers to a specific unit of service. a. Suggestions

n. Reservations

c. Trackers

g. Repossessions

elizabeth. Contracts

installment payments on your Which from the following is definitely NOT regarded as an example of a hospitality element? a. Greeting

b. Toilets and washrooms

c. Tips

d. Meals and drinks

e. Transfer

3. A company's ____________ helps to decide which additional services needs to be included. a. location

m. delivery program

c. key service agent

d. services atmosphere

at the. market setting strategy

some. Customers staying turned aside or the need to wait can be an inference of which facet of services? a. People might be a part of the service encounter.

b. Intangible elements usually dominate value creation.

c. Services are usually difficult to picture and understand. d. Clients may be linked to co-production.

electronic. Most providers cannot be inventoried.

5. Tangible characteristics that customers can easily evaluate ahead of purchase will be termed ____________. a. search attributes

n. experience qualities

c. credence attributes

g. satisfaction characteristics

e. capital attributes

6th. The prepurchase stage commences with ____________.

a. identified risk

w. formation of expectations

c. moments of truth

g. evoked collection

e. want arousal

several. The service operations program does not include ____________. a. physical facilities

b. equipment

c. other customers

m. technical primary

e. employees

8. Inside the theater metaphor, the components include basically the following ____________. a. positions

b. tasks

c. intrigue

d. services facilities

elizabeth. personnel

being unfaithful. Which in the following is usually NOT a form of perceived risk in purchasing and using services? a. Functional

b. Permanent

c. Financial

m. Physical

at the. Social

twelve. ____________, identifies an explicit form of setting strategy that is based upon giving several price-based classes of service strategy, each depending on packaging a distinct level of support performance across many attributes. a. Services tiering

n. Service appel

c. Broad-basing

d. Price-setting

e. Coordinating

11. Which usually of the subsequent is Not a single one of the ways to change the overall standard of capacity to meet demand variants? a. Work with part-time staff.

b. Inquire customers to share.

c. Request customers to do self-service.

g. Cross-train staff.

e. Share facilities with all the supplier.

doze. Which from the following is usually NOT one of the four customer tiers discussed by Zeithaml, Rust, and " lemon "? a. Platinum eagle

b. Rare metal

c. Bronze

d. Iron

e. Business lead

13. Which will of the pursuing are the three main areas of the satisfaction-loyalty relationship? a. Direction; institution; affluence

n. Defection; not caring; affection

c. Detection; elimination; subversion

g. Detection; wealth; rejection

e. Direction; goal; rejection

18. Which in the following can be NOT one of the approaches for developing dedication bonds with customers? a. Deepening the partnership

b. Lag-based bonds

c. Social bonds

d. Personalization bonds

elizabeth. Structural you possess

15. Which of the following is Not a single one of the key approaches used to decrease customer defections? a. Remove nuisance clients.

b. Treat key churn drivers.

c. Implement effective complaint managing and service recovery types of procedures. d. Boost switching costs.

e. Analyze customer defections and keep an eye on declining accounts.

16. The wheel of loyalty consists of which in the following three main parts? a. Make loyalty a genuine; deliver top quality service; section the market m. Create loyalty bonds; build higher level bonds; deliver top quality service c. Build a base for devotion; create bundling; build higher level bonds g. Build a base for devotion; create loyalty bonds; lessen churn...


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