п»їSentence Combining

Combine the paragraphs in each group below into one phrase, using subordination and dexterity to eliminate repeating and redundancy so that the content is portrayed clearly and concisely. You should place your completed worksheet in the ideal dropbox.

1 . The Globe Theatre was rebuilt.

The brand new building was located in a disreputable area. This area was officially named The Clink

It absolutely was famous for it is profusion of brothels.

In addition, it had many tenements, theatres, and prisons.

The Globe Movie theater was remanufactured in a bad borough called The Clink, known for it is profusion of brothels, tenements, theatres, and prisons.

2 . A tiny beetle lay dead in your path, once living, rejoicing in the sun, a monster struggling pertaining to existence knowing fear and pain just like you.

3. Till fully expanded, male giraffes live in bachelors herds, happen to be 17 to 19 ft tall, and weigh quite a bit or more at 7.


some. Oxford College or university scientist M. B. Gurdon

inserted nuclei from individual cancer cellular material into immature frog ovum, responding therefore dramatically they swelled almost

a hundredfold.

5. Imaginar eyeglasses are designed to help sightless people.

These glasses include three hard disk drives mounted inside the bridge.

The disks send out and get ultrasound.

Ultrasound is a sound pitched extremely high.

It truly is pitched so high that it can not be heard.

Designed for blind persons, sonar glasses have

Three hard disks mounted on the bridge sending and receiving

Ultrasound, pitch so high they are unnoticed.


If you find it hard to get your put together sentence to the number of suggested words, consider looking at your sentence's VERBS. We tend to write with a particularly heavy utilization of the " TO BE” verbs which bog sentences down. We would encourage you...


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