My life I have always wanted to become a Meteorologist. As a child I would always stand exterior during Typhoon season and appear up at the sky and try to predict what would happen following. My desired goals in life should be graduate from high school and head to college in Florida. I would start off at Santa Conviccion community university for a couple of years and key in Research and then transfer to the University of Florida where Let me then continue my education and be given a Bachelor in Atmospheric Scientific research. While at the University of Florida We plan to also intern for local news broadcasting like a Meteorologist. In 5 years I see myself out of school working at Channel 4 News to get Jax in Jacksonville, California as a Meteorologist grossing above $91, 579 a year. In 10 years, I actually plan to continue working in Channel some News intended for Jax and potentially starting upon a household and Relationship.

Throughout this school 12 months, it was hard for me. We moved from another state my mature year and i also was the new girl all over again. I faced lots of road blocks where I actually felt like I was the only one going through. There were three or more songs that helped me get through this year, my first track is by Tamela Mann known as " In the Corner”. This song helped bring me through tough times. There are times i thought that We wasn't going to make it this far and that no one actually cared. This kind of song quite simply is saying that Jesus is within my part to see me personally through all of it, and that he hears me each time I call up and that he will be generally there to catch me once i fall. Moreover song there were another song by Kirk Franklin named " We Smile”. This song offered me that courage to laugh even through my fluctuations. The track simply says " I smile though it hurts, find I smile”. Another track that acquired me through this year would be by Kelly Clarkson known as " Cause you to Stronger” This kind of song actually helped me understand that whatever I was going through i could use that to be my personal stepping feces and that My spouse and i didn't have to let it continue to keep me down.



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