Corey Carson

Mister. Mims

Eng 102

Due 2/3/12

The sweet taste of payback

Revenge is not always as sweet since it is cracked about be. In Edgar Allan Poe's short story " The Cask of Amontillado” one of the main heroes, Montresor plans to receive revenge on the other main persona in this account, Fortunato. Relating to Montresor, in order for him to be happy with the way he gets payback he must meet up with two circumstances. Montresor claims, " I need to not only reprimand, but penalize with impunity. A wrong is undressed when the avenger fails to make him self felt as such to him who has completed the wrong. ” ( Poe. 618 ) In other words, Montresor must acquire his payback without being captured by anyone, but also in such a way that the person against who the revenge is wanted, in this case it's Fortunadt, knows full well that vindicte is being considered against him.

While Montresor does achieve luring Fortunato into the catacombs and eliminating him, Montresor does not fully fulfill his requirements regarding how he wanted to receive his revenge. First, Montresor states that he would not want to be caught by anyone. We know that this disorder was attained because the narrator says, " There were simply no attendants at your home; they had absconded to make merry in honor of the time. I had advised them i should not returning until the early morning, and had given them explicit orders to not stir in the house. ” ( Poe. 619 ) This was an essential condition to be met since if Montresor did not inform the family and friends of the house not to stir in the house his plan to appeal Fortunato down through the catacombs to his fatality would have been compromised.

Montresor however does not fully be successful with the second condition that he set for himself. The reason why Montresor did not fully succeed happens because Fortunato has not been fully mindful of why he was being reprimanded. When Montresor first met up with his old good friend Fortunato he was already intensely intoxicated and wearing motley. Montresor required advantage of Fortunato's weakness by...


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