Learning isn't only talking about pursuing exam markings, but as well talking about learning by themselves, and learning beyond the textbook, such as interpersonal skill, moral instructing, adapt to the fast change society and also to be a all-rounded people. I think learning isn't only in our school life, yet also a long term career. Therefore i don't acknowledge real learning start at university, its begin with when we created.

Learning does not only happen in school, it may happen in everywhere and learning from one thing surrounding you. For me, education is a process of passing within the knowledge, skills, value. Through learning, learners can be instilled the correct value, cultivated a positive attitude and equipped a well-rounded development and know-how to assist in the improvement of society and plays a role in the contemporary society. In order to conform the fast change community, better for people to learn regarding the latest development and processes to equip ourselves. And adjacent thing constantly is a finest material for us to learn. And so real learning does not quit when you finish high school or perhaps university. You are learning all the time.

Since Hong Kong school seats is restricted. All mom and dad are stressed that they can hope youngsters can enter the university to achieve higher educational level and still have a richer future to earn more money. Their children are underneath the same pressure too. Learners do the groundwork and examination pass daily news day and night, that ignore various other field creation. So it is simple to observe the pupil in secondary school are mostly only studied and go to the guide class. But less extra-curricular activities and entertainment, to ensure that why lots of people said that true learning simply started for university. Luckily, after the intro of 334 curriculum, the examination-oriented problem seems to be overhauled. Students need to exposed even more to the world and get learning encounters that more possibility to learn further than the class room but not marque memorization. Pupils also can...


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