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21 The spring 2015

Response essay: Best Friends

In the essay " Best Friends, ” Howard Salomon Jr. expresses his feelings regarding friendship; this individual also interviewed some people and took findings from that, and explains to a story about his personal existence. A friend is known as a person who is chosen by each of us to be component to each peoples' life. You will find two kinds of friends: good friends, and close friends. Best friends are those good friends who no matter what are their situation, if perhaps his or her good friend needs them; they are going to do the best in order to aid their best friend. Twenty individuals were interviewed and all of them agreed in 3 requirements for being friends: reciprocity, honesty, and love. Reciprocity, honesty, and love are very important traits in friendship, yet I believe that the most important trait to be close friends is to be complete, utter, absolute, wholehearted.

Being unconditional means undertaking something intended for other, with the knowledge that nothing will always be received inturn. That is a pal's job; to compliment their close friends, no matter in which situation they may be. When I help a friend, I actually do not expect to receive nothing in turn, and I be aware that if I helping you, there are those people who are going to help me. That is companionship to me. Every person has many close friends, but just a few of them are deemed best friends. I really believe that close friends are siblings that I select, and they choose me. It is a second friends and family which can help me in the conditions that my loved ones cannot. Relatives and buddies complemented each other in order to give support and love.

Howard Salomon tells a story wherever his dad died, and he says every his close friends called him and offered him their particular condolences, although only his best friends recognized him at that bad minute of his life. In my opinion that people realize who those best friends happen to be when a thing as the death of a familiar happened. In the good moments many people are a good good friend, but in unhealthy moments persons realize that is an unconditional friend, an ideal friend....


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