Does our legal program have racist tendencies? Within a perfect community, people will be punished intended for the criminal activity of which they are guilty, and punishments can be fair. Regrettably, we do not are in a perfect community. Racism is still at large.

In January doze, 2010, Michael jordan Miles, an 18 year old African American elevates student by Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA, was strolling home at nighttime when he was approached by three undercover police officers. The officers asked him, " Where's the gun, funds and drugs? " Miles believed the men were trying to cup him, thus he went. The representatives allegedly trapped him and beat him.

Miles was not doing anything illegal once first approached by the law enforcement. He had certainly not been undertaking drugs or fighting. Having been merely jogging home. The officers' only reason for blocking him was your color of his skin. These were dressed in day-to-day attire. Kilometers was not running from the rules, he was working for his safety. Regrettably, this was enough to get a hard beating from your law enforcement of Pittsburgh.

Pertaining to Jordan Mls, the activities of the authorities were completely unjustified. You can easily see the bigotry that brought on this event. In other cases, not necessarily the question of whether or not or not really a crime was committed, but instead how if the criminal be punished.

Tamara Graham and William Thornton were in two totally separate car accidents. In both accidents, a couple were slain. Neither of the drivers were at all disadvantaged by medicines or alcoholic beverages, however Thornton did not have got a driver's license. Graham, a well-off White 42-year-old female, received a sentence of probation and community assistance. Thornton, a great 17-year aged African American boy, received 3 decades in penitentiary.

Where all their crimes and so different? Of course , Thornton deserves to be punished for traveling without a permit along with two costs of vehicular homicide, whilst Graham was only guilty of double vehicular homicide. Yet is generating without a certificate really worth a 30 year difference in punishment?...


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