Running mind: QURAN AND SCIENCE you

Quran and Science

Baratul Khan

PHI 103

Prof. Kurt Mosser

January up to 29, 2012


For many centuries presently there has been one topic that can be affecting a large amount of people. That topic is usually religion. Since there are many photos of religion, it is difficult to tell which is the real truth. Many excellent scholars has analyzed and still analyzing which usually scripture in this world can claim to be the book of God Almighty. Any publication to claim to be the book of God, it should pass long use. Meaning it must include magic, knowledge of undetectable, history of unfamiliar, and the literature which should be at the top point. Greatest point meaning no human being other than Goodness can produce this.

Today is the associated with science and technology. In the past 100 years, science has increased brilliantly to very high level. With research we are able to understand the universe, the entire world we live in, and create medication to get the sick and tired. Information people had no idea of is common knowledge today. With this sort of knowledge, how come would someone believe in religious beliefs? Is it due to tradition or culture of past four fathers? In order to prove why religion is important, we must appreciate it and supply evidence medically. There are many clinical signs succumbed the Quran which will abide by modern technology. Out of numerous signs, Let me mention many of which are proven facts.

Many us know about the term the big bang theory. How the whole world came into existence. " The origin of the Big Boom theory may be credited to Edwin Hubble. Hubble manufactured the remark that the galaxy is continually expanding. This individual discovered that a galaxy's velocity is proportionate to their distance. Galaxies that are twice as far from us move two times as fast. One other consequence is that the universe can be expanding atlanta divorce attorneys direction. This observation ensures that it has considered every galaxy the same amount of your time to...

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