A Quantitative Research Article Assessment

Shannon Davis


Function Development


Dr . DeCuir

September 28, 2012

A Quantitative Study Article Assessment

I chose to critique the peer examined publication A Quantitative Correlational Study within the Impact of Patient Fulfillment on a Rural Hospital. There are several reasons why I selected this article. I actually am a company nurse and work at different different unexpected emergency departments around Middle Tn. Most of them are concerned about patient satisfaction scores and are frequently known as into gatherings regarding these types of scores. Personnel at most of these hospitals is described as to the carpet as you might say if we have ineffective reports coming from patients. This can be very frustrating since not all the important points are taken into account and the survey is entirely based on a great irate people comment. Most of these comments will be due to the fact that the sufferer had to wait around a long time to find the doctor or get include in a room and last but not least may be the number one issue of to not get pain medicine or medications for discomfort medication. All of us, the staff find this while unfair, yet according to the article, Medicare is one of the main driving a car forces at the rear of the patient satisfaction scores and reimbursement by simply Medicare will probably be determined by the scores. This article appears to include credibility and integrity depending on the fact the report is very well written, concise, and organized. The author has a doctorate in medication, and the subject is clear and accurate. The abstract provides a crystal clear overview of the situation, methodology, conclusions and tips. The only with regards to issue about this article is how they obtained the patient satisfaction scores, the demographics, the people which is the emergency room people was noted, how a large number of patients exactly where surveyed, and many more variables were not discussed. The goal of the study was clearly identified in the name of the content. The article taken care of logical regularity and...

Recommendations: Ellis-Jacobs, E. (2011, October). A quantitative correlational study on the influence of affected person satisfaction on the rural clinic. The Internet Journal of Sibling Health Savoir and Practice, 9(4), 1-6. Retrieved coming from http://ijahsp.nova.edu


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