In the early 17th century there were massive amounts of Puritan immigrants caused by England in seek of spiritual freedom. They settled in New Britain and most of their population lived in Ma Bay. Contrary to other English colonists, they will came to America to create a natural Christian culture that stressed the community and family aspects of life. The majority of colonists, such as the ones residing in the Chesapeake region, found the New World in search of financial gain. In 1630 for the 1660's, Puritan values and ideas a new considerable influence in Fresh England in politics, by simply establishing a theocratic, authoritative political structure that required moral conformity, economy, by decreasing the importance of making cash because of the concentrate on religion., and culture, through an emphasis on along with community.

In 1630, when Ruben Winthrop located the Massachusetts Bay Nest, he planned to create the ideal Puritan culture. He wanted to create a " City over a Hill” and a " model of Christian charity”. By simply creating this colony using its strict regulations and rules, Winthrop established a standard for all those other colonies in Fresh England. Many or almost all laws were created depending on Puritan beliefs and ideals, such as ?uvre on cinemas, public drunkenness, and disobeying " The lord's Law”. The political composition of New Great britain was build entirely to produce the perfect Puritan society, and through this kind of the Puritans created a theocratic state, in which even politics leaders were not allowed much power; we were holding only permitted to make the community a better location to live in. The Puritan religious beliefs dictated the political framework of New England.

The Puritan colonists were one of the few groupings that did not come to America intended for wealth. Economic system was second to worshipping god and focusing on faith. As a result of this kind of, the Puritan colonists performed together for making enough funds to survive, of course, if there was extra, they would give it to someone in need. Vendors that were just seeking methods to...


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