Professional Job Action Plan

Ida Jackson

HCS/449 Health Supervision Capstone

Sept 10, 2012

Urmi Bhaumik

Professional Job Action Plan

Creating a specialist career plan of action will write attainable desired goals and style a step-by-step plan to achieve important professional goals. It is crucial to have a plan that will guidebook anyone from beginning to end for successful goal achievement. My action plan summarizes my professional goals and my personal career aim of becoming a health care administrator in a medical center or a healthcare provider's office. I will assess the skills currently acquired and the expertise that need altering to improve my own chances of achieving my career goals. My action plan may also show the measures required to reach my career goals and a timeline to total each one. Achieving my own goals will demand focus and motivation to follow the professional plan to a final attainment of my job goals (University of Phoenix, az, n. d). After assessing my specialist goals it became evident that working in healthcare management in a health care facility is my own career goal but try some fine career within a hospital or a private proper care health care business office. I want to obtain experience in the health care field and concentrate on attaining my own ultimate job goals. Being a health care officer requires a large number of steps to reach my target of a location in a health care facility. The first thing is to continue my education and achieve my masters degree and a dedication to specialist development. While working on my personal education it is vital to obtain experience as a healthcare manager. This could be accomplished by network, job searches, volunteering, a great internship, or job shadowing. Another resource is The American College of Health Care Professionals offers an chance for networking and information showing. When considering the many issues in health care a company, such as the American College of Health Care Management foundation founded to be medical...

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