Assignment 3

1: Illustrate the key highlights of effective communication with kids, young people and adults. In order for communication to be effective children, young people and adults need to find us approachable. We should work with positive body language- smiling, friendly fashion, make eye contact and keep arms open. One way we are able to communicate better with kids is to get right down to their level when discussing with them by simply either soaking in a couch or kneeling/crouching down. We must build a shared trust with those our company is communicating with, listening and choosing them seriously, showing them we value their sights and viewpoints. Children specifically need to truly feel what they write is important (as long as it is appropriate) consequently showing them the importance of listening to one another as well. Pertaining to effective interaction our feeling needs to be held consistent, despite personal problems or feelings, we shall stay approachable, quiet and friendly yet firm when the want arises. Consistency is important which includes any kind of boundaries pertaining to discipline or perhaps behaviour objectives. In order to connect effectively we need to understand that children and young adults have different types of learning which can affect the way in which we educate them some thing or help aid their particular learning. You will find three several learning variations – Visual- Seeing, Auditory- listening, and Kinaesthetic- doing or moving. When working one-one with a child we can develop an awareness of their specific learning design and motivate learning by giving resources or tasks which will suit their needs e. g. for a kinaesthetic learner we're able to provide adobe flash cards or perhaps objects to get counting. When delivering learning how to a group of kids we need to satisfy the learning styles of all learners so would make sure all of us incorporate all of them. Active being attentive is very important when ever communicating with adults, children and young people. This requires us answering in the correct places then when there is a want...


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