Step one. 5. 3: Select Margins and Site Orientation, Insert a Header Change the alignment of the record to face. Set the left and right margins to 1. your five inches each. Edit the header with the document simply by typing the text Draft in-line with the remaining edge in the header section.

Click Page Design. Then alignment then face.

Simply click Margin press button and then click custom margins. Type 1 . 5 within the right and left then simply ok Click the insert case. Then just click header after that edit header. then type draft.

Step1. 1 . 1: Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate a Document and Insert a webpage Break At the end of Site 2, put a page break immediately to the left of the Glass, Trash, and Other Regulations planning. Place the attachment point quickly to the left from the Glass, Garbage, and Other Polices heading after which press CTRL+ENTER

Step1. 1 ) 2: Put in a Page Amount

Insert a page number at the end of the page using the Heavy Line style. Click the Put tab. In that case click page number, indicate the bottom of page after which click Thick Line.

Step 1. 1 ) 3: include a cover webpage and modify page numbers

Add a cover page to the document using the Mod style. Type Suspended the Buffalo National Water in the Subject field. Click the insert case. Then click cover page, then Mod.

The first step. 4: Change Word Choices

Using the Phrase Options discussion box, replace the user term to Joseph Guy through adding the Print Preview and Print out command to the Quick Access Alexa plugin. Close the term Options dialog box. Click the File tab. Then alternatives. In the end user name type…. Then fast access toolbar on the left hand side. Then click print survey and printing. Then add then ok.

Step1. 2 . one particular: Change Web page Margins and Insert a website Break

Arranged the top and bottom margins to 0. 5 in . each. Arranged the right and left margins to 0. 6 inches each. On page 3, insert a next site section break immediately to the left of the Program Your Hint Now! Proceeding. Change the orientation of the fresh section (Section 2) to landscape.

Click site layout....


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