1 . Solar energy can be free although there is a cost in the building of ‘collectors' and also other equipment necessary to convert solar energy into electrical power or warm water. 2 . Solar energy does not trigger pollution. Nevertheless , solar hobbyists and other connected equipment as well as machines are made in industrial facilities that consequently cause several pollution. several. Solar energy can be used in remote control areas where it can be too expensive to extend the electricity power grid. 4. Many every day items just like calculators and also other low electricity consuming devices can be powered by solar power effectively. your five. It is estimated that the worlds essential oil reserves will last for 30 to 4 decades. On the other hand, solar powered energy is endless (forever).

1 . Solar power can only be harnessed when it is daytime and sunny. 2 . Solar lovers, panels and cells are relatively costly to production although prices are falling rapidly. three or more. Solar power channels can be constructed but they do not match the energy output of similar size conventional electricity stations. Also, they are very expensive. 4. In countries such as the UK, the difficult to rely on climate signifies that solar energy is also unreliable like a source of energy. Gloomy skies lessen its efficiency. 5. Huge areas of land are required to catch the team energy. Enthusiasts are usually arranged together especially when electricity will be produced and used in precisely the same location. 6th. Solar power can be used to impose batteries so that solar run devices can be utilized at night. Nevertheless , the electric batteries are large and heavy and will need storage space. Additionally, they need replacing from time to time.


1 . What is your opinion of solar energy?

2 . Do you think solar energy can answer the worlds energy crisis? three or more. Does solar energy cause virtually any pollution or perhaps damage to the surroundings? 4. Exploration the internet to find information / pictures about unusual photo voltaic powered devices. Present these details using computer software of your choice. your five. What equipment in...


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