HANOI UNIVERSITYFACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND TOURISMPRINCIPLE OF PROMOTING REPORTOMO – UNILEVER VIETNAMTutor: Phạm Thị PhượngStudents: Khương Dư KimTrần Thị Hồng NgaĐỗ Quỳnh TrangHoàng Thanh LoanTutorial: Tut 5 – Second MajorHanoi, May 2012


Subject matter: Principles of Marketing

Tutorial: a few – Second Major

Guitar tutor: Phạm Thị Phượng

Group members:

1 ) Khương Dư Kim- ID 0907010110

installment payments on your Trần Thị Hồng Nga- ID 0907010161

3. Hoàng Thanh Mortgage - ID 0807010102

5. Đỗ Quỳnh Trang- IDENTIFICATION 0907010232

Particular date of submitting: May fourth, 2012


Executive summary4

I. Introduction5

II. Circumstance analysis5

1 ) Company analysis5

1 ) 1 Quest statement5

1 . a couple of Company objective6

2 . Environmental analysis7

2 . 1 Economic factor7

installment payments on your 2 Demographic factor7

2 . three or more Cultural factor7

installment payments on your 4 Scientific factor8

2 . a few Political factor8

2 . 6 All-natural factor8

3. Competitive analysis8

4. Consumer analysis12

4. you Geographic segmentation12

four. 2 Demographic segmentation12

4. 3 Behavioral segmentation12

5. 4 Psychographic segmentation12

your five. Brand analysis13

5. you Brand's current performance 13

5. two The current marketing strategy using construction 4 Ps13

6th. SWOT analysis16

6. one particular Strengths16

six. 2 Weaknesses18

6. a few Opportunities19

six. 4 Threats19

III. Conclusion20


Professional summary

Recently, the astonishing growth of overall economy along with the engagement of Vietnam into WTO has brought many opportunities to get the obtain, sale and exchange of products and companies. Therefore , you�re able to send success mostly depends on how it does the business to apply these advantages effectively. OMO is a very aware cleaning powder item of Unilever Vietnam Joint Venture Company (formerly Lever Vietnam) - a joint venture specializing in Home and Personal Care brands. Since the start of Unilever's operation in Vietnam in 1995, Unilever Vietnam features successfully expanded to become a leading fast-moving customer goods firm in the local marketplace

This statement presents the industry and competition evaluation of the OMO product and shows the strong and weak top features of the Unilever Vietnam to learn the suitable way coping with the existing situation simply by suggesting a lot of recommendations.

In the main analysis, first, this survey indicates the overview about the company businesses. Next, it describes the macro environment trend that affects the industry and the provider's competitors. Then simply, the customer portions and brand are examined, followed by the SWOT analysis. Finally, several recommendations are given for the corporation.

OMO has become one of the detergent-leading brands in Vietnam industry, but the competition will never prevent there. Therefore , this studies essential to maintain the position from the OMO marketplace as well as to help Government style better plans that aim to create a better environment wherever local business can play a greater function in the development of the culture and economic system of Vietnam.


Vietnam's engagement in WTO has brought in numerous good results in every single aspect of life, especially in the economic climate. In recent years, Japanese businesses have became more interested in and made better use of the top opportunities which WTO brought them. In addition, there is a developing concern about the order, sale and exchange of products and providers. How to assist in Vietnamese buyers in doing the shopping, source them with better choices, better goods and better prices is always the deep preoccupation of Thai companies. OMO is a very aware washing powder product of Unilever Vietnam Joint Venture Company (formerly Lever Vietnam) - a joint venture focusing on Home and private Care...

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