English 102: Introduction to Literature (University of Maine by Augusta, USA)

Instructions coming from professor: Compose an composition (at least 3 pages) - Assess one stanza of the poem, focusing on its meaning and the way the details of the stanza contribute to their meaning. Discuss what this stanza plays a part in the poem as a whole.

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Robert Frost's poem, " Design, " is about the hardships of everyday life and the fact that God or some better being has created nature to work in a coordinated manner in the tiniest pest up to the best of human beings. It also signifies that man should take a hard look at how he cares for his own kind as well as for the overall environment, and that he might be " appalled" for what this individual sees, leading his conscience to dictate behavioral changes.

The audio of this composition is a mystery narrator, whom could be female or male, describing a quick encounter having a hungry spider. In the initial stanza, the speaker appears to be addressing you, telling the storyplot. However , the 2nd stanza (separated from the initial by a empty line or perhaps thoughtful pause) is more introspective, and the speaker, while thinking to him self, has altered his focus to the flower's responsibility in the setting and it is trying to seem sensible of the a part of nature he has discovered. The spider is " holding up a moth" as though to show towards the world that he is dominating; he features defeated his prey and it is proud of that. The moth is identified as " a white part of rigid satin cloth, " suggesting not merely the solidity of a now-dead insect, nevertheless also his resistance to the spider's assault. At the same time, the moth is delicate and soft, conversely suggesting that he may not need had the physical strength to ward off the spider's strike and that his death was imminent. How much of a victory is it every time a physically more powerful being gets rid of another whom could not quite possibly have received the battle? It may be an actual victory - the index has slain his supper - but...


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