By foxy17foxy

Hello Everyone,

Especially " The 7th Sage” and " Coder-San”, All

" moderators”, All " V. I. G members” and everything " Hack Community n00bs”. 

My spouse and i (foxy17foxy) am writing this kind of Tutorial especially for

Hackcommunity & on the demand of Jacob (a VIP member).

We am publishing this for each newbie, it is detailed, step-by-step " very very Easy”. I am stating this once again " VERY VERY EASY”. Should you just follow mw step-by-step its absolutely nothing, Just an ABCD.

Still If you need any support, Just Pm me or any type of other IMOD or

Admin, I am sure they may help you!

Ok. Enough in the Introduction

A few get to Work…

Topics Covered in this article are:

Making a free account on Web-Hosting site

Producing a sub-domain

Editing the index. php

Uploading to your FTP server

Testing & Enjoying 

First we will start by looking into making a free Web-hosting account.

Head to

I use this!

Click on Join totally free!

You will get this…

Click on " No bless you – Subscribe with FreeHostingNoAds. net” You will definately get this..

Once again Click on " No thank you – Register with FreeHostingNoAds. net” Now you will be redirected to sign-up form.

Creating an account form will look like this

After entering the details, click on " Create Account”

Remember:: Yahoo block the emails coming from host. Make sure you use

another provider just like " Gmail” or your internet connection email address. Now you will be rerouted to CAPATCHA.

After clicking on Activate Switch, you will get

While the Picture says " CHECK YOUR EMAIL & CLICK ON THE


Now, at this time, I assume that you can to open you email. Head to your snail mail and look for the confirmation email.

Mine appears like this!

Right now Click the confirmation link over.

You will then be redirected for the Main Web page of freehostingnoads which will look like this

Today enter the desired sub-domain, password and click Make. Now you can get the same page but this time you will find a small field below stating the " Account Created” & " View Result”. View the End result now!

You will get this kind of!

Now Simply click Switch.

Now you will get a wide range of things, however, you need only 2 things An FTP pat and a Repository Part.

Right now Go to FTP Access and appearance closely at the information.

You will notice ip address, username and password

Change your Username and password NOW…!

To something you may remember just like " abCD1234”

If you completely don't know about anything related to computer, I would recommend you to help to make all the Security passwords **SAME**

from Now on!

Now visit the FTP Access 1, The Password for the treatment must be " abCD1234”

Your browser will show something like this

At this point Click on public_html

Now delete the standard. php from your directory by opting for the box and clicking on Delete

Now, At this point I assume that you have already downloaded the HackCommunity Stealer

In the event that not then Buy the VIP of HackCommunity and get the Awesome HackCommunity Stealer right now!

Now open up the file of HC Stealer

Unsurprisingly that there are two files

Index. php


Now merely right-click & open the " index. php” file in the notepad.

It will seem like this

At this point Entering information is not really a hard Part

Go to the freehostingnoads CONTROL PANEL again and look for

Click on it and you should see!

Right now Enter details like beneath!

I wrote





No click Create.

Following this View the consequence:

NOW, this kind of Screenshot is essential

Now see the image of index. php once again

Now replace " localhost” with " mysql. freehostingnoads. net” Exchange " root” with " u481284900_1”

Write MySQL password which I employed " abCD1234”

Replace " hctest” with " u481284900_db”

Replace " admin” with " Any name You like”

And write " password” " abCD1234”

See the image once again:


This was the main portion

Now go to FTP Get 1 and go to public_html

Click on Upload button

Now Browse and Upload Both Files i. e. index. php & style

Simply click Tick

Really DONE 


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