Phaeton has a mother who is a mortal known as Clymene, although his mom told him that his real daddy is the sun god. Phaeton is just a kid that time this individual always told his playmates that his father may be the sun goodness but non-e won't listen to him. Summary

The building of the sun god is actually a shiny to be more exact than bright place. That shone with gold and sparkled with jewels of all kinds. The darkness can't make it happen because it so radiant in case you look everywhere there is no darkness. Few offers ever discovered the way to that shining structure but dislike seeing too much of it because it is so bright. But still a youth attended that structure of the sunlight god daring to see his father. His mother told him that his genuine father is the son goodness and this is why Phaeton dared go to that place. He was forced to quit because he are not able to endure high temperature. No one can get away the eyes of the sunshine god so he observed Phaeton and enquire him why he came there. He told the sun god this individual just want to know if the sun god is absolutely his dad because his playmates refuses to believe him. Without hesitation the sun goodness said certainly that he is his father and Clymene told him the truth. This individual gave Phaeton a proof, this individual told Phaeton he could wish whatever he wants in this world and he will take an oath at the water Styx. Therefore Phaeton thought to his daddy he wish to ride the sun our god chariot for starters day. Nevertheless the sun god tried to convince him in order to wish another wish apart from from that wish, But Phaeton didn't modify his brain and the sunshine god recognized he cannot break his promise. And so he advise Phaeton that if this individual get too low the land will lose and if this individual gets to high the beast in the sky is going to eat him. But still Phaeton go with this, while using the chariot he gets dizzy and he cannot control the chariot rather the horse controlled the chariot traveling by air low then high together with the Orion, the Crab, the Bull and many more beast from the sky. The god gets angry with him as they are burning depends upon; Zeus required his thunderbolt and hit the charioteer....


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