Identity: Denise O Yah Wei

ID: SCSJ-0010581

Speech Format

Specific Goal: To convince people to join Earth Hour.

Central Tips: The purpose of Globe Hour, impact of Earth Hour, and the way to participate in The planet Hour.

A. Introduction

1 ) Earth Hour is the world's largest durability movement, held on the last Saturday of every March. By simply asking visitors to switch off their lights intended for an hour, that allows persons across the globe to adopt a usa stand against climate change. And that's precisely what 1 . eight billion persons in one hundred thirty five countries would this year. 2 . From the Eiffel Tower in Paris towards the Empire Condition Building in New York City, the world's highest building the Burj Khalifa in Syria to Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur, one of the most visually exciting icons will go dark to get Earth Hour.

N. Body

We. What is the impact of Globe Hour?

1 . Many people was wondering, and has the thought that all switching away all the lamps in one hour does not help much towards the earth. installment payments on your Yet, the simple truth is, in this 1 hour, energy ingestion all over the world has greatly reduced. a few. While WWF stated you cannot find any way the total number of energy conserved during Earth Hour around the world can be calculated, a few countries have come up with the estimated electric power saved from the 2012 The planet Hour commemoration. 4. six. 8% electrical power drop (193MW) was seen in Toronto, Canada. The amount is the same as the total power 128, 1000 homes want in an hour. 5. Dubai sees a 6% boost of total power kept as compared to 2011, with the total of 216, 000 KW/h and 130, 000 kg carbon emission cut down throughout the hour. 6. Vietnam salvaged 546, 1000 kWh of electricity, equivalent to VND712 , 000, 000 (US$34, 000) during The planet Hour, by which 48 pays and cities participated. 7. This is only the result in 1 hour, the energy that reduced is the same as the average strength needs of the city.

II. Precisely what is the exact purpose of Earth hour?

1 . The planet hour is actually a long term job, it is not focus on that 62...

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