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Coke and Pepsi: a century of war in a " five star” industry The beverage industry includes a number of products which can be divided into two main types: alcoholic, such as for instance beer, wines, spirits, and nonalcoholic within which, in turn, we can differentiate carbonated sodas (CDSs) and " no carbs” (like milk, coffee, juices, tea, sports beverages, energy refreshments and water). The aim of this kind of essay is always to focus on CSDs, especially within the cola part, and to clarify what are the most crucial features which make them one of the greatest and the most profitable industries both in america and in the earth: indeed, even though the soft drink industry is growing more slowly respect for the past, it is ROIC (return on spent capital) remains on a higher level, more than 30%.

Firs of all, in arrangement with Porter's model, it's important to identify and " to measure” the five essential competitive makes of the industry, by considering that the production and distribution of CSDs entail suppliers, completely focus producers, bottlers and selling channels, alternatives.

- Regarding the industry framework, we can locate very competitive oligopoly: without a doubt there are two centenarian main companies, Cola and Pepsi, representing more than the 70% from the US CSD market share, (followed by Dr Pepper Snapple Group and other) however while the ex - is a even more international manufacturer, the latter is somewhat more rooted in US. Nevertheless , their competition is certainly not on value as on advertising, creativity of both product and process, popularity and thus it follows that it is high but benign rivalry: among the significant events that mark their particular historic competition we can keep in mind their tests with fresh cola and non-cola tastes in 1960s, their moving over from sweets to high fructose corn syrup to reduce costs of materials, their...


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