SK Phone system is trying to distance in the old five-tier hierarchy and also the professional pecking order. The indicators from the five-tier structure are: (1) the power of the individuals in the larger positions such as the managers, vice-presidents, and the Professionals; another sign (2) is that the lower positions should the actual people in the higher positions without questions, this just means that the people in the lower positions have no voice resistant to the bosses. In other South Korean companies, you are unable to even procedure or generate a conversation to people with higher positions aside from their boss

Within your opinion, how come this particular value so strong in Southern Korea? Exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of this value in communities?

In my opinion, I do believe the reason why the hierarchical worth is so solid in SouthKorea is because of their particular tradition and customs. We all believe that ahead of thedivision of North and South Korea, Korea was once a specific country with anEmperor. With an Emperor ruling the nation, he is viewed as the mostpowerful person in the area. His terms and requests should be implemented withoutany inquiries or dispute. No one can problem the Emperor and his purchases. Andso the Koreans taken this custom, that you cannot issue the person who hasa larger power/authority you. The advantages on this hierarchical value are: (1) the respect for those inthe higher positions will be present; (2) for those in the bigger positions, their particular decisions are always right and cannot be wondered; (3) for thepeople inside the higher positions, they have electricity and authority over the staff. Thedisadvantages of this hierarchical worth are: (1) the staff would be anxious togive his opinions or discuss his/her amazing ideas; (2) there would be zero progress inthe company because only the people in the higher positions are allowed toshare their particular ideas; (3) there would be not any chance


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