Oral Exam: my own reading stock portfolio

Hello everyone,

Today now i am gonna let you know something even more about my reading portfolio. This is the entrance of my own reading stock portfolio. It's got three pictures into it. I've chosen this photographs because i like the movies but i love the books even more. Lots of people read the publication first and watch the film later yet I prefer the other method. I love to view a film and read the after it. In that way imaginable some personas like Jennifer Lawrence since Katniss Everdeen or Rupert Grint as Ron Weasly. And in the book are more details to help you be surprised. And if you have red the book after which go to the movie theater you know after that happen. What I like to read are well-liked books (most of the time it is just a hype) like the harry knitter series, then twilight and today the being hungry games. I actually also choose more ebooks of one subject, like in the twilight tale there are 5 books, in the hunger games series, 3 books and the harry potter series even several books. The best book with the hunger games trilogy is definitely catching open fire, it's the second book and the film is usually coming out the 14th of November, the best book in the twilight fable is Eclipse and from your Harry Potter series the prisoner of Azkaban. If you love the Harry Potter series, I tips you to navigate to the Harry Knitter studios working in london, it's the actual say, a magical community.

Book statement 1:

With book record one I have chosen an e book from the publication list, keep on Jeeves coming from P. G. Wodehouse.

The story is about Betram Wooster great servant Jeeves. Bertram had just let a servant opt for stealing. In the morning Jeeves arrived to his life. Bertram was initially unsure about Jeeves, yet later he realized that he was a necessity that no gentleman should be with no. Later in the story Bertram gets into trouble because his fianccee, Florencia, asks him to steal an e book.

It had not been my favourite publication, I thought it absolutely was really difficult to know and it also is definitely a old book. Some words and phrases are very old....


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