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Optical bias, Inc.

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Donnette Russell

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Executive Summary3

The Challenge3

Situation Analysis4

Market Segment4

Alternative Marketing Strategies4

Selected Marketing Strategy4

Short and Long Term Projections4


Executive Summary

Optic Distortion, Incorporation. was designed in 1966, after a great innovator by the name of Daniel Fort stumbled upon a way to enhance the result of prevalent chicken egg production by simply inserting a sort of contact lens that will blur, or perhaps distort the vision of the producing parrot just enough to maintain optimal development while making the handling of these animals easier. Based on observations of any flock of chickens in Arizona that have been afflicted with cataracts and separated from the staying flock, it absolutely was noted that not only performed these parrots consume much less food whilst retaining the same level of production as the rest of the flock, nevertheless the ease to which handling the birds improved to the stage that instead of curing the afflicted parrots, the farmer requested to have his remaining flock " infected” together with the same image distortion. Through trial and error, ODI was looking forward to implementation from the lenses by 1973 with high wished and wonderful expectations.

The process

As with virtually any new product, multiple challenges occur throughout the creation and creation process, such as, but are not really limited to the item itself - insuring quality and fulfillment on the part of the customer; pricing structure – deciding the correct price to charge based on cost and expected earnings; place or perhaps distribution of the product – where and exactly how this product will probably be made available to the finish user; plus the promotion in the product – how will the desired market come in aware of this product with the obtainable resources when remaining within just set parameters of price range constraints. Situation Analysis

The purpose of Optical Contortion, Inc. is usually...


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