Life is often described as a roller coaster; a journey filled up with a mixture of ups and downs. It is often declared that the bad occasions occur in order to give us a chance to recognize the good. It seems than that battling is in an expression a part of life. To an extent all people suffer in some way, whether it be emotionally, physically, or mentally. " Suffering” encompasses considerably beyond precisely what is immediately thought of when using the expression. Throughout lifestyle, people deal with various difficulties. This leads to battling until people find the courage to attempt to overcome it. With willpower no challenge is too huge to conquer. As stated by Helen Keller, " Although the world is included with suffering, it really is full as well of the overcoming of it. ” She personally overcame various obstacles that she facing from the time she was developed. She suffered through her own challenges, but was in a position to eventually conquer her struggles. Helen Keller's statement is seen to be valid not only when looking at her very own life yet through the book One Travelled Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The story of the Oregon psychiatric clinic and of a particular patient called McMurphy is definitely narrated simply by chief Bromden. A 6 foot and 7 inch tall half-indian who suffers from hallucinations and delusions. Throughout the telling of the story in the ward this individual tells us the story of him self as well plus the progression of overcoming his hurdle.

Throughout the new, Chief broom, as called by the other patients, endures in more than one way. Firstly, he is affected with a mental illness, schizophrenia which causes him to experience a sense of paranoia and have hallucinations. It can be believed though that when entering the ward ten years ago, Bromden was " normal” till he was place under a series of electroshock therapy. Bromden's danger is more deeply seated than what is visible at first. Absolutely, his schizophrenia is a huge challenge that he can have to learn how to cope with, although his different problems that are causing him to suffer are precisely what is holding him back...


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