There a lot of things you can learn in having a practicum in Clark Airport Support Service Firm, as a Practicumer I learned so many things i can apply in my future. The lessons which i learned to get 3 years in all of the my subject matter as a Travel and leisure student, My spouse and i applied them in my schooling like beliefs and the different facets of Tourism industry. Coping with so many people and various race is very hard, among the important things is having a tolerance and admiration to your people that is the important thing you must find out. The employees taught us the right way to control the emotions toward the individuals because may possibly we deal with angry passengers who have issues and we should be able to keep peaceful under pressure for that reason I learned to be individual all the time. We learned also how to mix with other persons and I attained more self confidence in me personally that I may use in my operate few months from now and I'm happy with that.


I used to be able to learned how to recognize small or big mistakes. In this practicum, I've learned how to encountered the real world and talked to different people. Within my first day time as a practicumer, I thought I had been not able to succeed but as time past by I know My spouse and i gained even more self-confidence and self-esteem and I can say which i am right now ready for my personal future after that practicum. Through this practicum program, I discovered also how you can be impartial because to get 3 months Now i am away to my mother, I learned how to price range everything as opposed to before in fact it is very difficult for me. I discovered also essential the time supervision is in this practicum.


I have learned in this practicum how to always be professional. About the employees, certainly were pals when exactly where not in duty nevertheless it comes to job I know my own limitations like a practicumer. Everytime I commit mistakes and talked by our supersivors about what took place I just accept it and learned from it to ensure that next time I realize how to handle precisely the same situation once again....


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