May possibly Neren Her Solidarios

BA Political Technology

July doze, 2010


Landslides… flashfloods… pollutions… destruction of ozone layer… too hot… too cold… not enough to mention all, we have been experiencing and that we had even entered into discussion of these. And in search for our lives, we are conscious of these things and we are affected of these situations. It has been a lot of years and we have been exploring the environment for very long time as well as those years that we happen to be innocent of all things. Now we had grown up with experiences, big enough to understand points we have performed and we have to be done.

Who would have forgotten the story a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world? The lady looks so sad in photograph and thinks nobody love her. How many days are there in a given time? She woke up with expect but it was all about holes. She observed promises hardly ever for true. She's experiencing every is placed. Many days vanished and still the majority of were not honest. She patiently lay for us. In that case came the morning the river she cried over ran and slain the love types of our Inventor. It was your day we observed her shriek, her – our nature. There you can view for the sudden full forth of water. The morning when spontaneous storms hit our nation, whacked the environment and destroyed everything. All of us made yourself suffer to get our problem.

It is unfortunately that many lives were removed, sad to say that lots of homes were destroyed and it is sad to say why these things should happen before we all lend the hands to the mother earth.

We are not scientist from the lab just looking forward to a call… we are the scientist provided a knowledge via God that should get out from the lab and move just before any call up. After that tragic caused by our shallow heads, it is sad to say that this took place because we could encourage to become obsess while using triviality of our own interest – of the only achievement. We advocate selfishness. Were taking things for granted… we are abusing our resources… we are...


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