Assignment 1 Personal Ethical Dilemma

Part A – The central concern to the dilemma is Thievery:

At among my earlier jobs my employer asked me if I recognized anyone with encounter for an open position at the job. I suggested a friend that I had worked with before in a previous company. He got the job and was fantastic at. After several weeks of working hard, my friend asked my employer for a increase he felt he deserved. When my employer rejected, he chose to begin robbing stock as another form of reimbursement. When my own employer noticed that stock began to go absent, she knowledgeable all the personnel of the thing that was going on and this she would become keeping a great eye out to catch them. After a although of being struggling to catch the thief the lady started to take away the staff offers for advertising such as contests and work parties. While i finally noticed who has been stealing which it was a pal I had advised, I was concerned with how poor I would look if my own employer discovered who it was.

Possible choices:

1)Approach my buddy and ask him to stop in any other case I will have to tell my employer. In this instance my friend may have the alert and a possibility to stop. In the event that he continues my workplace will know who has been taking, he would loose his task and the thievery would prevent. However I might or may not look like a snitch or perhaps loose a buddy. 2)Be entirely honest and tell my personal employer with no talking to my buddy. In this case the theft will stop right away since my buddy would loose his work without a alert. I would loose a friend and appear like a snitch to the other employees. My personal employer may or may not change her perception of me because I suggested him but was honest about the issue. 3)Ignore the situation and not say a word. In this case my pal would continue to steal and cost my own employer money especially if his theft intrigue other staff to start thieving since he isn't receiving caught. If he is captured my workplace would to get him and alter their belief of myself...


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